About Us

Research and Kangaroo Ground are suburbs North East of Melbourne in the shire of Nillumbik in Victoria, Australia.

Both Research and Kangaroo Ground CFA brigades are staffed solely by volunteer fire fighters. Although the state government of Victoria supply both brigades with trucks and basic fire fighting equipment anything outside of this needs to be purchased by the brigades.

Fundraising and applying for grants and the two most common ways for brigades to raise the required funds to purchase much needed equipment such as chainsaws, portable water pumps, brigade owned cars etc.

Research Fire Brigade

When Research Fire Brigade was first established over 60 years ago Research was certainly little more than a wayside stop on the main drag between Eltham and Kangaroo Ground. Our most formidable weapon in those early days was undoubtedly local knowledge, starting out with no funds, no fire truck, no fire station and no equipment whatever to fight an outbreak should one occur.

Today the Research Fire Brigade continues to operate solely by virtue of its dedicated volunteers from our local community. Our services have come a long way since 1950 and our equipment is as up-to-date as we can make it. But the dangers are still very real. Research Township is now a thriving community with many fine homes, large modern primary and secondary schools and a diverse industrial area. But what hasn’t changed over the years is the region’s continuing vulnerability to fire.

If disaster strikes, the Research Fire Brigade will be in the front line, providing emergency management of a diverse mix of risks from residential house fires to bushfire outbreaks or incidents involving hazardous industrial premises. Essentially we are a rural Brigade operating in an urban/industrial environment.

As part of our planning, the Research Fire Brigade fundraises through sponsorship, grants and donations in order to upgrade our existing fire fighting equipment and standard of emergency response vehicles on an ongoing basis. By ensuring we are better equipped, we will be capable of delivering an even better emergency response service to meet the ever changing needs of our local community. New equipment and better appliances will also ensure that our volunteer fire fighters have the confidence to play their role in safety, as part of an effective and responsive team.

You are welcome to visit the Research Fire Station between 10-11am on any Sunday morning. We will be only too pleased to show you around the station and talk to you about your own fire safety management plans in your home.

Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade

Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade has the distinction of being the oldest Brigade in the State of Victoria, possibly the Nation. The Brigade was formed in the Council Chamber at Kangaroo Ground on the afternoon of Feb 6 1892.

Eighteen of those present gave their word of honour that: in the event of a bush fire breaking out within a radius of 6 miles from the K.G. Post Office they would at once go to it and do their level best to put it out; and in the event of any of them being unable to do so, a substitute to be provided, or a fine of 5s paid.?

The meeting was indeed a milestone in the saga of Australian fire-fighting. It was a first step towards an organised approach to fire prevention. (Mick Woiwod)

The first station, in 1965, was situated on a block of land opposite the store (the current tennis club site). The first fire engine was a Willeys Fire Unit.

The current station was relocated to its present location in May 1980 after remarkable fund raising efforts of the K.G.F.B. Women’s Auxiliary to implore the community to social action.

The Fire Brigade remains to this day the focus of the community.

Our local Fire Brigade is serviced entirely by locally trained volunteers, armed with local knowledge, a sound communication network, equipment and appliances kept as up to date as possible and a dedication to safeguard our community.

In any emergency the K.G. Brigade can attend structure fires, bush and scrub fires, motor vehicle incidents, hazardous chemical incidents and storm damage.

The Brigade can be part of strike teams in other regions and states.

Members of K.G. households have the opportunity to belong to Community Fire Guard Groups to help them understand fire behaviour and to prepare their properties to minimise the risk of damage in and around their homes. They are able to meet in groups to organise fire plans to discuss possible actions before, during and after a fire.

Training is held every Tuesday night at the station and Fire Brigade members are always on duty on Sunday morning between 10 and 12.