10.6km course walkthrough

Once you cross the start line on the oval and pass through the gates, bear right for about 30 metres (stay inside the bollards) and you will cross over to the asphalt track, turning left to follow the track. Be careful of the bollards-they will be well marked and highly visible. A few hundred metres along, you will pass behind the community centre and around the back of the second oval.

Now you’ll reach the footbridge – please keep left unless overtaking. Stay on this meandering track until you come to a hairpin turn which after a short climb brings you up parallel with the railway line. Don’t go too hard at this stage, as you will need your energy for the hill on Allendale Rd. This is a straight run, with a small incline taking you to the Allendale Rd crossing.

Here you will be guided by one of our friendly CFA members. When safe, cross Allendale Rd then turn right, skirting the edge of the road for a few metres as you cross the railway line. This will put you back on the asphalt track as you begin your climb up the Allendale Rd hill.

When you reach Godber Rd (relief!), turn left, staying on the track. Here you will see another course marshall. Proceed up Godber Rd for a short distance before you cross the road and back into the paddocks on the asphalt track. You’ll cross the landbridge where you can see the city skyline over your right shoulder, pass the old aqueduct terminal (the “strainer”) and just before you arrive at the Allendale Rd crossing there will be a drink station. Another friendly firie will help you to cross the road safely then you have a relatively flat run alongside the aqueduct, soon reaching the Parson’s Rd crossing.

A marshall will see you safely across the road and you’ll cover some more flat ground on the aqueduct track until you come to a short, steep rise to the Afton St crossing. Here a marshall will direct you to turn right, run about 30 metres, then turn left. When the aqueduct was built, a tunnel was blasted through the rock under Afton St for the water to pass through. When the aqueduct was decommissioned, the underground pipes used the original tunnel to continue to carry water to areas closer to the city. A short downhill section will bring you back to the relatively flat surface of the track which takes you under the pines  until you reach Ingrams Rd.

Crossing the marshall point at Ingrams Rd, you will soon pass the ‘painted rocks’ on your right and skirt the rear of the factory area. At the end of the track you will find a drink station. Turn right onto the service road (the old Main Rd) and enjoy the slight downhill grade. You should see a firie at the crossroads ahead. Go straight across & past the site of the old Research Fire Station (just before Eltham Little Theatre). Soon after, you’ll hop onto the Main Rd footpath, pass the school on the other side of the road & head towards the shops.

Pass the kinder and cross Ingram’s Rd (marshall point) and you’re back on the asphalt track. On your right you’ll pass the Noble House Restaurant, the Ballara reception centre and the 7-11. A marshall will see you safely across Kalbar Rd, then it’s a short distance to the Parson’s Rd crossing. It’s not far to the final drink station and the Leane Drive crossing, then past the BP on the left.

After crossing Zig Zag Rd, you’ll come to Coleman Crescent. Follow the path down Coleman Cr a short way before crossing over to the lane that runs behind the units. A marshall will be there to guide you. You’ll soon come out onto the track next to Wattletree Rd and cross the railway line on the pedestrian crossing.

After crossing the railway you’ll cross Gaston’s Rd onto the concrete running/cycling track. You’ll skirt around the perimeter of Edendale Farm for several hundred metres.

Cross the footbridge and negotiate a sharp bend and you’ll soon be passing behind the Adventure Playground. Just past they playground, you’ll tern left (follow the witches hats), cross the bollards again and re-enter the oval, now it’s only about 120m to the finish line. Drinks will be available on the oval after finishing.